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About Us

Why use Hotely

Geo Based

Through GPS we accurately scan and locate our partner lodgings within the client geographical location and instantly suggest them the most nearest hotel, guest house and motel based on their category of choice.

Share Cost

Don't have enough money on you? Share bill with friends simultaneously. Quickly invite a friend nearby to help foot your bills

Cash-on-Delivery (COD)

Currently, No credit or debit cards required when pre-booking. You pay when you confirm your booking personally with your pre-book invoice number.

Virtual Number System

Our virtual call system will allow each party to directly call and seek clarification without sharing their personal numbers.


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User Settings

Update your personal info.


Locate available Hotels on Google Maps.

Share Cost

Share cost with friends and family.

Live Chat Messages

Instant chat with Service Providers.

Virtual Call

Call from your phone without knowing Service Providers number.


View location of clients.

Multi Book

Handle multiple booking simulteneuosly.


Statistics of all completed booking.

Rating and Reviews

Your reputable service needs a recommendation.

And much more!

We will add more features soon.


Read What People Are Saying About Us

Lydia Larbi Otu

“I love Hotely, I highly recommend it, Everyone Try It Now”

- Lydia Larbi Otu

Jamal Mohammed

“Hotely Is The Best, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Jamal Mohammed

Eric Asiedu

“Keep It Up Guys, Your Work Rocks, Cheers :)”

- Eric Asiedu

Jackson Appiah

“Hotely is cool than any hotel booking app i have ever used. It's fast and indeed easier”

- Jackson Nana Kofi Appiah


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Hotel Request

Booking Approval

Instant Events


We will update our video soon, meanwhile enjoy this video clip


For more info and support, contact us!

P. O. Box CS, Comm. One - Tema, Ghana

+233 24 546 9973

+233 24 174 9998

+233 24 303 9338